#23: Huy Tieu

Huy Tieu

Don’t worry! People sometimes feel lost, too. When our works fall into a saturation state, we see nothing’s too interesting to learn and try. Then we can’t level up ourselves. That’s the point of working on different or new things. In my opinion, we find it easy to get lost after getting married and in that Covid pandemic 😷.

I also have a breakthrough; jump from Business Analyst of Tech company to Product Manager of Non-Profit Organisation. Earn money while doing something good; that’s awesome! Parallelly, lots of changes happen. There are different missions, different workflow, different views, etc. I would like to do many things then find what’s most fitting for me or what I good at. I am easily adaptable. However, deciding to learn a new field, accepting a new challenge are simple. The essential thought is, “can we commit it for the long term?”. We all have a unique nature, so if we don’t like what we do, it can’t be run permanently unless we did it for too long that it changed our nature.

Naturally, I am one of the oldest guys in the previous companies, but I am the youngest here; wow. I almost work with 7x, 8x generation with the Ph.D. degree, covering most of the Earth’s time zones. So, when setting meeting times, we have to work hard to rotate and take turns at bad times. My scope of work is likely Operations. I am responsible for all internal systems, software, digital products, etc. It’s also fun to do them. The growth rate is not as fast as For-Profit companies, but daily tasks are still a lot. The environment here is multi-national; people work in the “work hard, play hard” style. They start working at 8:30 AM, sometimes even earlier. At 4 PM, everyone begins wrapping up and backing home to avoid traffic jams. In general, we work and have meetings continuously. There is no chance of playing and joking around during working hours.

There are dramas everywhere in the working environment. Small companies have less drama; big companies have more. That’s it! The main thing is that we’re kind to each other so that we can talk and make friends later. In general, every problem has a solution. Put your heart into each decision because sometimes we can’t define who’s right or wrong.

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