#61: Jenny Part 1

“From an English teacher to a COO at a Venture Capital Fund”

Jenny Nguyen - COO at Kyros Ventures

I used to be an English teacher, but I decided to return to the crypto market despite my parents’ strong opposition.

After graduating from Foreign Trade University with a degree in finance, instead of working in a bank, auditing, or in multinational corporations, I chose to work as a community specialist for Huobi Global. But the market started to downtrend and Bitcoin plummeted, and despite my efforts, I couldn’t achieve positive results. Feeling discouraged, I left the market and became an English teacher, the type of job that would make my parents proud: stable, well-paying, and prestigious.

But if something isn’t my passion, I can’t sustain my motivation for it. Even though my salary was quite high at the time, I accepted a job as a director’s assistant in the crypto market for only $4-500 per month. When my parents found out, they vehemently opposed it. Just over a year ago, when I was still “skin in the game” in the crypto market, I initially made a considerable profit, but then lost it all, as well as a bonus of more than a hundred million. I had to do all kinds of work to repay my debt to my friend. Whenever there was a job available, I took it, doing 3-4 jobs at once to repay the debt as soon as possible. But my passion for web3 was too great, so I ignored the “painful” lesson and my parents’ objections, and trusted my own decision to return to the market.

Until now, I think choosing between a high-paying stable job and a low-paying job with good development opportunities at that time was the right decision. I started as a director’s assistant and now I’m the COO at Kyros Ventures. When I became the COO at Kyros, I had even more stories to tell, but I’ll save those for later!

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