#3: Dung Nguyen

Dung Nguyen

“My first job landed in a Vietnam company, of which the client was from Australia. My PM was an Indian, and he led me through the Mobile platform. After that, I stepped in FPT Software as a Java Web Developer. Due to the market demand, FPT decided to launch their Mobile team in Da Nang. They sought for the key members with a solid foundation in Mobile, and I was one of the lucky selectees. That’s how my path with Mobile began. Software changes fast, really. But I specifically don’t care much on which technology is “better”. I approach things with an opened mind, which means to research the news and update on the current one constantly. That’s also the motto I prefer my team to follow.”

“When I choose a teammate for a project, I tend to select those who have worked with me before. If their attitude and experience match my expectation, and their commitment is solid, it’s safe to move forward. In case there are many projects at once, I’ll arrange for them to start with the small one first. Once they have created a good outcome, they’ll be ready to handle the bigger responsibility One specific trait of communication is how people get along and understand the mutual goal. Although we launched it as a freelance team, it has been 3 years already. I love to create opportunities for the team, let them focus on their core strength. It doesn’t matter if they used to be a manager or a freshman; I’m more interested in their competency. Flexibility is also a key. I can still interfere and support them by all means, but it feels great to empower them to be autonomous, as long as they keep up the good pace and strive toward the company mission.

I think the biggest problem that fresher & junior are facing these days is their ability of self-learning, and the urge to build up a network. I can help add up the knowledge, but attitude is an attribute that needs self-development. The seniors are willing to orientate and guide them on the right path. All you have to do is ask.”

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