#2: Thanh Pham

“There was some change at my university orientation back then. Also, when I work on a product, although I know there is something wrong with it, I didn’t know how to fix it in a UI-oriented way. So I thought Front-end would best fit my will. It’s related to UI anyway, isn’t it?

I’ve looked up about Dwarves Foundation on both their website and GitHub, while Dwarves was still a small office with very few people. I was impressed, to be honest, seeing the photos of them and the clients. Back at that time, my goal was to be a part of a small gang, to learn more, and to know my idea matters.

Income and benefits are sorts of bonuses, I believe. I expect more on what the team is up to and how their pursuits can fit mine. As long as their goal and mine are the same, we’re good to go. As long as there are still things to learn, we’re down to keep striving. It’s more than just making a living. It’s how they make us want to grow more.”

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