#62: Jenny Part 2

“Good Morning Vietnam!”

Jenny Nguyen - COO at Kyros Ventures

As the COO at Kyros Ventures, I am grateful for being a part of the company from the early days, and for all the learning, challenges, and personal growth that came with it.

In my role as the Chief Operating Officer, I believe there are two important things that I need to be able to do. Firstly, I have to work with people with vastly different working styles, from employees to partners. At our company, we have individuals with very strong personalities. For example, even though I am their boss, some of them may refuse to do task ABC if they don’t like it. Some are very introverted and prefer to work alone, while others refuse to come to the office and only show up twice a month. Some show up to work every day but fail to meet their KPIs, despite constant reminders. However, I have learned to respect these differences and to leverage each individual’s strengths to create a strong team. I can work with everyone.

The second thing is that I have to learn and excel in many different areas. That’s why I tried my hand at business development and social media, including building TikTok and YouTube channels, writing content, and producing videos. I also learned about business management, tax procedures, and most recently, I am organizing “GM Vietnam”, the premier event for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. When I went abroad, I saw that other countries have large blockchain and crypto events, such as TOKEN2049 in Singapore, Taipei Blockchain Week in Taiwan, Korea Blockchain Week in South Korea, Blockchain Genesis Event in Thailand, but Vietnam had very few. So, why not create a “Vietnam Blockchain Week”? That’s how the “GM Vietnam (Good Morning Vietnam)” event was born. Every day, I think about how to bring the most value to the event, how to ensure that it is not just an occasion for advertisements, how to invite international speakers, and how to make sure that attendees are not disappointed. My team and I did everything from contacting partners, sponsors, speakers, creating event content, social media, working with agencies, and so on.

Every new experience like this teaches me a lot, and I am not afraid to push myself. I work 10-14 hours a day and never get bored. In this industry, everything changes very quickly, so I have to adapt and keep up. I still believe that if you have the skills and the will, regardless of the “times”, you can survive and thrive.

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