#24: Hoai Pham

Hoai Pham

Getting the first step to university, I just knew how to code “Hello world” while my friends from gifted school have done lots of things. They look talented comparing to us! So I had to put great effort to catch up with the pace. However, I got the General Chemistry subject three times. Luckily, for the third time, she was so bored with me that she closed her eyes and let me pass.

I have focused on Data engineering for two years. Since then, I still struggle to level up in my career, but the crazy level is constantly increasing! From the company to the house, I just stay in front of the laptop screen. Just a little bit of communication while supporting others. The number of talks must be counted on the fingers.

  • What’s wrong with this?
  • Could you wait a minute? I’ll watch it again
  • Okay, that’s it


Being not conduct a long conversation for so long makes people misunderstanding me. To make my words easy to understanding, I have to point at the screen and use body language. Sometimes my boss even sits down and translates for me. It’s weird, isn’t it?

I have worked almost in big tech. They have a fixed system. Everything is temporarily called stable, so just follow it. Occasionally, there will be maintenance issues. With the standardized process, I work more scientifically. For some reason, a multi-user system is very different from a few users. For example, that night when a promotional voucher was launched, 10 million people jumped in to grab it once, the design of the system must be met. But the user side is very speechless in many cases. It’s obviously logical, but no, it’s not happening as I thought 😭. So it takes a lot of work to gain experience. That said, now I’m also going to try working in the startup: little data, few users, but a lot of hands-on approaches.

The previous system I worked on was about finance and money. It’s scary to touch money, even though the whole process with the QC team is enormous and standardized. Once the boss said, “Hoai, would you like to code voucher?”, bonus a small talk if I have mistaken the voucher value, I have to compensate for that damage. So I run immediately!

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