#26: Duc Nghiem - TaaF part 2

Part 2: When a boy became a Dad

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I saw my father’s images inside me when I became a Dad. I just lived with my Dad for three years, but it was my treasure time. My Dad is very talented; he could do everything. He played with me and allowed me to try whatever he did. However, like other traditional fathers, he didn’t show his feeling and emotion. So did my mom. Maybe because of her nature. This is the one I am really want to change when raising Mam Tom. You know, only when growing up, I realize it was a pain. For example, Dad usually blamed me like:

You couldn’t do anything!

You should join the army!

As a child, I didn’t feel anything about these judgments. Time flies, when attending a meditation course, I recalled the above memories. I accidentally realized that my attempt, motivation from high school, university to startup were all about proving to my Dad. It unintentionally made me working crazy and even forgot my mental health. So I soon burn out and got exhausted. I didn’t see the destination. It was because the motivation came from outside, not from the inner me. Indeed, I can learn or do everything at the moment, but after being under lots of stress, I have to rethink my motivation and destination.

For that reason, I don’t put any expectation on Mam Tom. I hope she tries to do things because she desires it, and the goals start from herself.

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