#18: Tuan Dao

Tuan Dao

Back in time, I was so introverted in a new company. I couldn’t talk to anyone during the first month. Fortunately, a senior engineer gave me an opportunity to work on a project, leave me feedback, and mentor me wholeheartedly. Then I started to get on well with the whole team. I must be depressed if there was no change!

I am not fear to make mistakes in my company. I don’t have to be in a pre-defined shape. Failure teaches success, people said. I have grown from these mistakes a lot. There’s a range kind of projects, but things all have two faces. For example, although offshore projects force me to follow the Client’s requirements strictly, they teach me how to collaborate with other teams. I like to work on a project in which I can fully contribute, that is! Besides, some in-house tools make me dig into many fields, so I accidentally update tech know-how that sometimes I don’t even notice!

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