#11: Dieu Vien

Dieu Vien

“Let’s just say my major and what I do has nothing in common. I graduated as an import-export bachelor, spent the next 6 months in an international school as an Academic Assistant, then nailed at Coinhako as a Customer Service. Weird, I know. I wondered what it would like to experience a startup model, and I found Coinhako amongst the zone. Coinhako was a whole different industry, a tech company for bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Coinhako was a small team by the time I came, which allowed me to touch my hands on many roles and define what I do best. I developed a strong passion for IT because I admire how software engineers can turn any idea into tech products. It’s what truly amazed me. I used to try getting on the IT major when I was in university, but I couldn’t. And Coinhako was a chance for me to step in this field as another role.

Customer service (CS) supports and handles the user’s problem. There are two types of issues. One that can be resolved by CS staff and one that needs to be redirected for developers to work on. In the past 2 years, besides working as a CS, I’ve immersed myself in other scopes such as tester, PO assistant, and even Business Analyst. For someone who doesn’t have IT as a background, I found it pretty tricky communicating with developers when it comes to programming languages. For instance, describe an issue that users are facing or comment on the development process.

As time goes by, things got better. I feel lucky to be mentored and partnered with people who are always down to help. Still, working in too many roles can sometimes leave you with confusion since you can’t determine a straightforward career path. At first, I thought it felt great enough to participate as a tester, you know, to walk in the customer’s shoes and to give feedback to improve the product. But now I’ve realized I want more than that. It will feel way better to actually learn a programming language and code a product yourself.”

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