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About us

The techie.story team

We’re Van, Duy and Nam, the females who work in tech without a technical background.

Starting things wasn’t easy. We’re not Engineers or Designers. We don’t see things from the codes and the canvas. As People Ops, Tech Writers and Editors, we are curious about how things run in the tech world. How people think, work and connect. How they manage to pick up things as beginners and reach the expert level.

What, How, and for Whom

It’s hard to know and understand things just by sitting in the room. We connect with the tech veterans, the software engineers, the art wizards, the HRs. We listen to their stories. We uncover the hidden spot in this world outside the lines of code.

You will get yourself the advice on boosting personal branding by creating a solid profile or taking a turn in career path. You will be reading of how a woman believes she can work in tech as good as a guy; or how a college student took a risk to drop Medical school and start everything again from scratch.

Apart from highlighting how products are built or which framework should be adopted, there are more aspects of work & life in this industry that not everyone knows about. We want to honor all of them. We want people like us can have a closer view of how this industry is currently operated. We believe Google can’t cover everything when it comes to real-life experience. The answers come from the people who have been there and done that.

Each episode is conducted with a casual talk. A coffee meetup, a small chat on Facebook, an email, or sometimes, a Zoom call. We collect and recite their thoughts, one story at a time.


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Who got our back

  • Dwarves Foundation - The home of Dwarves, a growing team of expert craftsmen in software development industry.
  • WeBuild Community - Vietnam Alliance hub of Developers & Makers.
  • CirCO - provides private office & collaborative workspace for individual, startup and business.
  • Block71 Saigon - Technology-focused ecosystem of builder and global connector that aggregates the start-up community.


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