#28 - Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen

Back in 2014-2015, most of my classmates followed the Mobile career path as Android Developer. You know, Mac devices were unaffordable 💸

Let see, the most changes after six working years must be less chubby (I lost nearly 30 kilograms 😌) and “less stupid.” If working in the backend development, I probably wouldn’t stand up to now. I like the beauty, and Android gives me that thing. It’s not wrong to say that because of the lousy career counseling from scratch. Anyway, thanks to Android Development, I can see the UI and the interface users experience. My most exciting part of working might be reporting UI bugs. A good product is firstly a beautiful product that makes users comfortable, isn’t it? Apart from Android, Frontend Development or Design also allow us to match logic and “art blood”. How cool…

It’s said that Developers can’t code for their whole life. They should find the other track after a while. PM or Team Lead, for example. I think it may bring a promotion or a high salary. But it won’t be easy, definitely! Every role requires knowledge updated frequently. Finally, for me, am I happy working this job?

Regarding this topic, I think learning what we like is much easier. Reading a little day by day, week by week, then linking them to the big picture. I am sure this progress will have some lazy points. Try to think about the final results we can achieve. It may help us overcome the sluggish periods.

There are two questions that the young generation should answer: Who am I? and then What do I do?

“Hello guys, I am Thanh. I am an Android Developer.”

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