#27: Giang Tran

Giang Tran

My colleague or even my family haven’t known I am LGBT yet. I was “straight”, but fall in love with “him” at the university. I don’t intentionally hide them, and I just keep it a secret. Some tacitly know, so I don’t have to embarrass anymore. I nearly decided to take a police examination, but you know an LGBT police is a little bit weird! My family has stayed in the Central, so almost them prefer their children to work as doctors, officers, or teachers. I didn’t like them, so I even try to fail the exam. It’s funny, isn’t it? I started university one year behind my friends. When applying to FPT software university, my parents said:

“Get the scholarship, then study!”

Fortunately, I passed, so I finally became an engineer now. After working for a few years, my parents still text me from time to time, let take a break and retake the exam. I have no word to say!

I am artistically inclined, so it is difficult to talk to colleagues in the tech industry. It’s okay to talk about work, but it’s not okay on the sidelines. You know, it’s not easy to find people with similar interests. Sometimes the manager feedback for me is not good, but I also speak directly. People must “match” each other to talk or play outside of work. Sometimes I find myself being too sensitive. I am not pressured because of hard work or many workloads, but too much emotional pressure. I am very guilty when I affect anyone; it is better if I am wrong then I accept all the consequences. I think so much about what people say that I can’t fall asleep. People like me have to release a little bit of stress every time to balance it out. Usually, I will take a short break to exercise or sing and dance, all sorts of games 💃.

I always try to do the best job I can, but I know it’s not my favorite. Working in IT, somewhere for me is a bit of hobby + practice. Having to live a little realistically, not every passion can turn into a career. Sometimes I lost my way, but I just keep good at what I did. Sometimes it opens up other opportunities for me. So if I sit idle and think, I lose.

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