#17: Minh Tran

Minh Tran

My life is weird. Never have I ever got the chance to do things straightforward. It took many turns before leading me to become a lecturer.

I take academic study very seriously. I crave for the next new things; that’s why I signed up for the Master program of Nano Technology. My thesis was the combination of Nano, Electrical and Information Technology for Computer Science. I even planned for the Ph.D., but things didn’t work. Some issues forced me to relocate back to Da Nang. Things never work out the way we plan, they say. I dropped the studying path since then. I picked the current grasp and started to apply for work. It was 2017, as I remember, I received a project on Artificial Intelligence. A big surprise and challenge as well.

In Computational, there’s an algorithm called Optimization. Everything in Deep Learning falls back to a linear point. Researching skill isn’t a new thing to me, so it wasn’t hard for me to dive in and learn on the job. But at that time, Artificial Intelligence was still not able to commercialize. We had no choice but to hit a pause of the work. It went through many stages until I teach in Information Technology. Looking back at the path I’ve walked past, things grew and branched. It’s like when you’re traveling; you get tired of the fixed direction, and just simply take a turn whenever you feel to. Not all who wander are lost. We never know what fits us until it happens, and we feel happy doing it. For me, it all started since I knew of computer science.

Fun quiz: Is the milk-white or black?

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