#39 - Cuc Doan (part 1)

Cuc Doan - Software Engineer, former Google Intern

I backed to college when my son went to kindergarten (part 1)

I graduated from Foreign Trade University with a very good Bachelor’s Degree in 2016. People thought that’s good enough for a girl to have a stable job and a peaceful life! I also received an offer from a wood import-export company with a good salary for new grads. The ideal case was that it’s just 10 kilometers from my parents’ house. There’s no doubt that my parents were so excited! However, I took one of the most significant changes in my life: I went to the US with my husband, a software engineer at Microsoft then. It was the first time I had suffered an awful psychological crisis.

I usually had a severe headache, but doctors said the reason was being stressed, not any particular disease. So I tried to be happy in front of my husband to avoid his worries. But I myself felt that it, in fact, wasn’t good. I used to be an extrovert, self-confident person and got admired by others. So when facing being alone, with no relatives, no friends, standing behind the society, I was shocked! Along with the allusion about being void and married just to go abroad, I was completely depressed. Literally, my life was the darkness!

In addition, we had a baby out of our control. The stress climbed up more and more…

I fell into anger. I couldn’t leave my life being like that anymore. I firmly decided to back to school when my son could attend kindergarten. Of course, people kept doubtful, but my husband. He was the only one to encourage me to follow my dream. However, things continued hard for me when I suffered from postpartum depression. Sometimes, I thought how difficult living is: can everything be better if I die? The nightmare was when I had a fever, being alone with a crying baby, I actually wanted to give up. Fortunately, thinking of my son, I tried to be positive and live everyday life. Time flied, this period of time was over.

When my son was over a year, I sent him to kindergarten despite feeling so worried. I also registered at Bellevue College, and a whole new chapter opened in front of me… Follow part 2 at: https://techiestory.net/post/40-cuc-doan-2

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